Our holding, which is spread over millions of square meters in total with different production sites, carries out recycling processes in accordance with the productions realized in production sites as a requirement of the sustainable environment.


All our liquid wastes, including water, which become waste after being used in our facilities, are subjected to the necessary processes in state-of-the-art biological treatment pools, in line with our sustainable environmental understanding. Wastes that are made to cause zero harm to the environment are transformed into clean water and transferred to our enterprises for reuse, and other liquid wastes are directed to the relevant recycling processes.


All of our polyester wastes from our integrated facilities are re-evaluated in our chips production facility and used in the production of recycled polyester products in many areas where polyester chips are produced, especially yarn.


Our recycling chips produced in our chips facility are made ready for yarn production in our POY - Polymer facilities within our integrated facility, used in recycle yarn production and evaluated as recycled yarn.